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Yummy flavor and creative branding!

The Danger Snacks do not disappoint! They pack a powerful punch and have a unique, spicy + sweet taste! I love the idea of tapping into the natural effects of certain foods and applaud all of Bryan’s hard work in creating and launching this product. Awesome stuff!

Danger Snacks spicy micro-sweets that fire you up!

Keep the fire growing

If you need that extra spark to keep your fire going, try Danger Snacks. For being so small they pack an enormous punch. Forget the energy drinks, fire you passion with Danger Snacks.

Watch out! You'll want more

Awesome little snack. Gives a little pep in day to day activities. Nice to have for work or play.

Pretty darn good

These are awesome super spicy my kids love them @murphykidzbmx

The sweet spice

These little gems come with an action packed punch and a boost of energy great for on the go and not to mention their pretty tasty to 😋

Makes my head sweat!

Love these buring hot little devils! There is something addicting about them. I can't stop popping them until the tube is gone.
Then I reuse the tubes for electrolyte tabs stashing while out on the bike.

Totally Awesome!

Love these so much! Such a thoughtful product and super deliciously-spicy! Definitely going to continue buying these in the future.

This stuff is what I needed!


This is a really tasty treat, especially for someone who loves spicy foods.
Thank you Bryan!

One crazy kick!!!

I met Bryan when I delivered his food last week from Postmates and he gave me sample of your his company’s candy and omg hahahahahaha not only it gives a kick it gives a spicy kick!!! It was awesome!!! I literally finished my deliveries like the roadrunner!! “Beep BEEP”


The heat builds slowly but you can feel it by the end of the powerful little snack! Good stuff

Danger Snacks

It’s a great combination of taste It’s a great combination of taste, spicy and sweet and the snacks healthy, we will be buying more when I run out👍

Love this candy, thanks Bryan!!

State Champion

Thanks to Danger Snacks I won the 41-45 N/I State Championship last weekend in VA.


They’re just perfect to get you going, I received them today and I already have more energy, the spiciness(?) lasts a while and it’s sweet at the end.

Great tasting

Great product live the taste and the energy, definitely will be buying more

Mmmmmmm....Danger Snacks....

These damn things are so nice. I'm not a guy that likes super heat, but I also like a kick. Danger Snacks are just right, that Goldie locks zone of perfection. Didn't mess with my stomach at all. I'm quitting coffee and these have proved useful in that respect as well.

A sweet treat that wakes up your body!

Danger Snacks is a real treat that wakes up my body. When at work and I need to wake up my mind & be sharp I pop a Danger Snacks. It’s like fireworks in my mouth! So small but so powerful!


Can’t get enough of these great little spicy treats!
I believe I’m addicted to them hahaha
Get some ASAP you won’t regret it

Good Heat

Just received my order. Perfect amount of heat per piece. Definitely gets the blood flowing. Highly recommend ordering some they arrived quickly and even had a personal note written inside thanking me for my order. Will definitely be ordering some again.


A nice little pick-me-up for the 3 o’clock slump. Much nicer than a smack across the face.

Amazing Sweet and Hot Taste

Great product. Hot yes but not to bad. Taste was great to me. And the for a boost I think it did, taking a couple. But I take a lot of caffeine so I think two was perfect for me. About every couple hours. And for the price I thought it was perfect!

Danger Snacks spicy micro-sweets that fire you up!