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Quick delivery

Awesome snacks!!! Great service and delivery time!

Packing a Punch!

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Danger Snacks, but WOW! If you like spicy than I highly recommend. Don’t be fooled by their small size, these things pack a punch of flavor and spice! Definitely worth the try.

Hot stuff!

I'll admit that I wasn't ready for the fire. Don't let the tiny size fool you-- after you first pop one in your mouth, you'll say, "Oh, hey, they're not THAT spicy at all!" And then it'll hit you. Totally addicting little bits! Definitely keep in your sports bag for that added punch before an event.

Simply amazing

Well I loved these so damn much, I was sharing with everyone I know!

They're perfect for late night races or practice when you don't want to have caffeine I also like to use them when I'm driving home from places like Disneyland and stuff like that at night so I can just go to sleep as soon as I get home it doesn't keep you up for a long time after

Danger🔥Snacks™ spicy hard candy that fires you up!

Awesome !

Great kick as usual! Perfect blend of goast pepper zing and sweetness !

Great stuff

Cannot get enough of these things!

Awesome and will buy again! Recommended!!!

Unbelievably good

I teach guys on a weekly basis with Football (Longsnapping) I gave each player one bottle. They not only had energy but they were ready to work and perform extremely well during their lessons. It puts a fire to the brain and triggers attention which works well with the position I teach! (It keeps you focused) If you haven’t had a chance to get your hands on a bottle your waiting to long!! Grab you a bottle or Two and enjoy the flavor of a unique product that will show your tastebuds that boom pow yumminess reaction! Thank you Danger🔥Snacks for the great order and I will definitely be seeing a lot more snacks from Danger🔥 Snacks - @ztlongsnapping

Spicy Goodness !

No better Spicy Hard candy around !!!!! The Candy with Bite !!! I love them !

Fire, literally!! Amazing spicy candy that fires me up for sure! I definitely recommend, five thumbs up!


These are really good!!! Buying a 12 pack to hook the family up for Christmas!

Spicy Love

Never eat candy but this is no ordinary treat. Once you start with one, it’s hard not to have another, and another, another’..........


Bryan you really knocked it out of the park.

Dangerously good... and addictive!

I bought a few packs to try out before my longer bike rides... now I’m popping them before moto, mountain biking and even at my desk while at work. They’re delicious and deliver a quick pick-me-up. I have a feeling I’ll be buying them in large quantities when available.


Was not sure what to expect and was extremely pleased with what I got. Ordered 6 tubes and have passed them out to my friends all of which have loved them.


Love them! Supper awesome product!!

Micro boost of wake up and hello!

I was driving from Oregon to Phoenix this past spring for a national race and I had the overnight shift, I snacked on them for 600 miles and they kept me alert.

Great stuff

I do like the fact you guys are making these. I am an avid pepper consumer. Love the hot stuff. Because i eat super hot stuff i would like to see a little hotter. Other than that there awesome!

Keep it up!!

Great "snappy" snack and great service!

Fuck yeah!

Its like doing drugs.... without all that alleyway 3am hobo handjob nonsense

Sweet Fire

These things are awesome! I am not a hot spicy food person, and when I say not spicy, even jalapenos are to hot for me some times, but these are great. They have just the right amount of spicy hot to not have a 5 alarm fire in your mouth, definitely a new favorite!

Nice pop

Its a hot surprise for such a little "snack"


Best spicy hard candy on the market!