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Please expect shipping delays of up to 2-4 weeks.
Expect shipping delays 2-4 weeks

the difference between
draggin' ass and haulin' ass

Functional spicy micro-sweets to ignite you into right now

Habanero & ghost pepper

Triggers endorphins

Naturally invigorating

Organic and non-GMO

turn lame into flame

Re-ignite your fire. We created Danger Snacks to help make it as absofrickenlutely easy to give yourself a spicy smack in the face when you need it most.

Our functional micro-sweets will change your state from being burnt out to fired up.

Spicy micro-sweets that fire you up!

Specially formulated with our secret blend of habanero, and ghost pepper to trigger the perfect amount of brain activity needed to fire you up!

At 30 micro-sweets per pack, you'll be fully loaded.

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the perfect amount of HOT

When you crave spice on the go, it’s hard to find something perfectly hot enough to fire you up.

Danger Snacks provides the ideal heat to kick your tastebuds in the ass and wake you up with less of the usual effects like coughing, hiccups, and runny nose.

Suck or crunch 'em like a mint

A perfect pick me up for the road

30 pieces per pack

Made in the USA