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Danger Snacks spicy micro-sweets that fire you up!

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let 'em fire you up

Perfect for long drives, tedious days at work, and any time that may require a jolt to the system.

Danger Snacks activates the brain's natural response to capsaicin (the compound that gives chili peppers its heat), providing an instant-pick-me-up when you need it most.

Pop 'em like a mint

Suck 'em or crunch 'em, your call.

Each powerful micro-sweet activates as soon as it hits your tongue, triggering the release of eye-opening endorphins, and dopamine, creating a euphoria similar to a runner's high.

What's in 'em

Our products are 100% organic and gmo-free.

Active compound: Capsaicin | 30 pieces per pack

Ingredients: Cane sugar, water, light corn syrup, habanero, ghost pepper, cinnamon stick, virgin coconut oil, corn starch, and sea salt.

Danger Snacks Nutrition Facts Ingredients

We cook in a shared commercial kitchen and do our best to keep allergens out of our products. May include trace allergens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews

This stuff is what I needed!


This is a really tasty treat, especially for someone who loves spicy foods.
Thank you Bryan!

One crazy kick!!!

I met Bryan when I delivered his food last week from Postmates and he gave me sample of your his company’s candy and omg hahahahahaha not only it gives a kick it gives a spicy kick!!! It was awesome!!! I literally finished my deliveries like the roadrunner!! “Beep BEEP”


The heat builds slowly but you can feel it by the end of the powerful little snack! Good stuff

Danger Snacks

It’s a great combination of taste It’s a great combination of taste, spicy and sweet and the snacks healthy, we will be buying more when I run out👍

Take 'em everywhere

Sometimes we need a little kick in the ass to accomplish our mission. Whether racing, working, driving, or just trying to tolerate the day, Danger Snacks are a pocket sized blend of natural spices that are specially formulated to fire you up.

Don't let size fool ya

Danger Snacks are intentionally designed small to deliver a solid punch before dissolving quickly into balanced sweetness.

This balance means you can enjoy an aggressive hit of spice with less of the side-effects (like the coughing, hiccups, and runny nose) you get when eating hot chili peppers.

who's stirrin' up the danger

My name is Bryan and I’ve always been drawn to big flavors that deliver more than just good taste. To me the best foods are the ones that give a little kick. That’s why I’ve devoted the past 3 years to creating great-tasting confectionery products that provide you the spicy sensation you seek.  @bryandorsey

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