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Danger Snacks spicy micro-sweets that fire you up!

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Who else wants to get fired up?

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  • Danger Snacks utilize the power of your brains natural response the compound that makes chili peppers taste hot, providing an instant-pick-me-up! It delivers and eye-opening experience, again and again, without the addition of chemical additives so commonly found in today's energy supplements.

    Each piece works immediately, as soon as it hits your tongue, releasing endorphins, and dopamine, as a painkiller response to capsaicin. Combined, these neurotransmitters, create euphoria similar to runner's high.

    Don't let the size of our micro-sweets fool you, each of the 30 pieces packed in every container, triggers an immediate, eye-opening experience.

    Danger Snacks are 100% vegan, organic, GMO & gluten-free to supply everyone from students, gamers, commuters, to entrepreneurs, a sweeter way to get fired up.

    • Into fitness and not bulky energy drinks? Pop a couple of spicy snacks before that next heavy lift, class, or competition

    • Bored at work? Show everyone at that next meeting who's boss by kicking your energy level up a notch

    • Falling asleep on your commute? Danger Snacks will give your brain a job to do, during long drives that are boring #af

    • Pop some to power through late night homework so you can jump on twitch! Then pop more, to stay awake in class the next day

    ... anytime you need to light a fire under your ass!

  • Ingredients: organic evaporated cane sugar, water, organic gmo-free light corn syrup, organic habanero, organic ghost pepper, Celtic sea salt, organic cinnamon stick, organic virgin coconut oil and organic corn starch.

    We never cook with ingredients produced using chemical fertilizers, pesticides or creepy altered genomes. Danger Snacks are GMO-free

    At only 2 calories each, Danger Snackers' are raving how they can substitute a few these spicy hard candies to get their sweet fix, without caving and powering down something they regret.

    The balance of heat and sweet provides exactly what's needed to feel satisfied, while the heat keeps you from going overboard.

    Although we do our best to keep allergens away, because we cook in a shared commercial kitchen, Danger Snacks may include trace allergens.
  • Instructions. Start with one. Then take one to three pieces, as needed, to get fired up, or to wake-up. Each serving of Danger Snacks works instantly. Pop 'em all day long.

    Totally Safe for kids of all ages (as long as they know they're about to eat something hot ;)

    Here's what you do next. Spend 25 bucks or more, so you don't pay for shipping (in the contental US), and we'll mail them to you next business day! We'll even send you a confirmation as they leave the building and another when they're out for delivery.

    TIP: Can't wait to try them? Order early in the day, and include a little note in the “special instructions” section of your cart, and we'll do our best to get them out for delivery same day. You'll get a personalized note and a bad-ass sticker too!

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