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Danger Snacks Blood Orange Sours - Spicy Hard Candy Pellets

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do me spicy

Are you looking to stay alert on the road, prepare for a big game, or need an edge to complete that important project?

We perform at our best when we’re present and in the moment. Danger Snack's organic habanero ghost pepper pellets deliver the instant kick you crave.

Pop 'em like a mint

Suck them or crunch them, your call.

Each spicy hard pellet activates as soon as it hits your tongue, triggering the instant release of eye-opening endorphins, creating a euphoria similar to a runner's high.

What's in 'em

Danger Snacks are 100% organic and GMO-free.

Active compound: Capsaicin | 30 pellets per pack

All of our ingredients are organic: Cane sugar, water, light corn syrup, habanero, ghost pepper, cinnamon stick, virgin coconut oil, corn starch, and Celtic Sea Salt®.

Danger Snacks Nutrition Facts Ingredients

We cook in a shared commercial kitchen and do our best to keep allergens out of our products. May include trace allergens.

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Take 'em wherever and whenever

Sometimes, we need a little smack in the face to focus on our mission. Whether it be working, driving, competing, or just trying to stay present throughout the day. Danger Snacks are a pocket-sized blend of organic spices that are specially formulated to fire your ass up.

Our candy will kick your candy's ass

Danger Snacks are intentionally designed small to deliver a perfect spicy dose and dissolve quickly into balanced salty and sweet.

The balance means you can enjoy an aggressive hit of spice and still function efficiently without the coughing, hiccups, and runny nose associated with enjoying hot chili peppers.