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Danger Snacks

I'm Bryan, and I make Danger Snacks. I'm a designer, candy-maker, an athlete, and a sucker for everything on two wheels.

Bryan Dorsey popping some Danger Snacks at Whittier Narrows BMX.

As a life-long creative-type, focused on designing award-winning web and mobile apps, I was craving, producing my own product, that I could hold in my hand.

I'd turned into a major foodie over the past ten years, drawn to foods made with the best possible ingredients. So why not make it a food product.


I used to eat whatever and however much I wanted. Over time, I learned from the experts that just because something is yummy going in, doesn't mean I'll feel good after eating it.

I began to document how foods affected me. I sought foods that nourished me for longer, ingredients that are grown in a method that both sustain me and the environment. My relationship with food evolved.

I got to thinking about the types of treats that authentically made me excited when eating them. Having a long time love of sweets and an obsession for eating super spicy stuff, it hit me...

"Spicy, meet sweet!"


Enter Danger Snacks, spicy hard candy that fires you up! Our primary flavor profiles had an instant attraction, combining sweet and spicy into a confectionary explosion in your mouth. It's quick to deliver the heat, but tempered by sweetness.


We thrive on producing, aggressively delicious confections, that help our snackers get fired up, no matter what situation. We love taking calculated risks, testing ourselves and our products, without sourcing inferior ingredients. We make good shit!